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.netCOUNTRY provides location, language and culture analysis in real-time for your ASP.NET web site. Locate visitors and convert their IP and browser details to country code, country name, language code, language name, culture code, currency and more!

By utilizing a proprietary high performance database, .netCOUNTRY is able to instantly convert visitor IP address or browser details to country information. A seamlessly integrated subscription and auto-update system ensures that your country database is always up to date and maintains its accuracy.

You can now instantly determine where your site visitors are coming from and use this information to prevent fraud and enhance your visitors experience on your web site. .netCOUNTRY is a high performance solution which includes a memory based cache subsystem and highly efficient search algorithms to support millions of lookups per day.

Explore our site to learn more about .netCOUNTRY, play with the live demos, or purchase and start knowing where your visitors are coming from today!

What’s new

.netCOUNTRY new version 3.0 added new features including phone number to location useful to pre-select location dropdowns based on customer phone number.

The new version also supports IP to Hostname Lookups and Country database updates without subscription

Since the initial .netCOUNTRY release, it has continued to be enhanced based on client suggestions.

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  • Update country database automatically with a simple method call. System includes new file verification and validity checks to ensure that your database is not corrupted during the update process
  • High performance cache subsystem and optimized search algorithms
  • Methods automatically obtain client IP / browser details
  • Flag to Country Code conversion
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You guys have awesome customer service, I am impressed.
That is the kind of customer service that really helps keep your customers happy.
Thanks, you have a great support team! We are very pleased.
Your product is awesome! Thanks.
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